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Our cookie policy is designed to inform you about how we use browsing data or other information in connection with your access to, and use of, our partner sites and other media (banner ads, emails, etc.), either directly or through advertising content on other sites.

You will also find information on the rights you have and how to exercise them.

This information is provided in accordance with the regulations in force, in particular the European Directive concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector (2002/58/CE), which provides that the storage, obtaining and accessing of information on your terminal is permitted provided that you have received information on the purposes of the processing of this information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) and, subject to essential cookies, that you have consented to this.

1.The various cookies

For the purposes of this policy, the terms “cookies and other markers” or “cookies” mean all markers deposited or read during the consultation of this website. This includes http cookies, flash cookies, web beacons, web bugs, scripts or the result of fingerprinting. This policy applies whether or not cookies collect personal data.

1.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small sequence of information that can be transmitted by websites via your browser. These cookies are stored on your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) when you visit certain websites. In particular, cookies make it possible to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of the users of a site or their equipment and then, based on this information, to recognise them.

The data obtained through these cookies may include the number of pages visited, the selected language, the city where the IP address used to connect to the website is located, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the duration of the visit, the browser, the operator or the type of terminal from which the visit is made.


1.2 What is a web beacon?

Otherwise known as “pixel tag”, “invisible pixel”, “clear GIF” or “web bug”, the web beacon is a stand-alone piece of code or an image present on certain pages for the purpose of monitoring and tracking traffic.

1.3 What is fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting allows the creation of a unique identifier of the machine viewing a web page, based on elements of its configuration for tracking purposes.

2. Cookies

In general, there are different reasons for using cookies.

(A) Certain cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the websites and allow you to access and log in using essential features. “Essential cookies” are used exclusively to enable and facilitate electronic communication.

Essential to the operation of the online communication service you request, they will be used to allow you to log in to your user session, to display the requested page in a format appropriate to your screen, or to allow the site to function optimally and facilitate navigation in order to:

    • Ensure the quality and security of navigation on the site, in particular during the process of ordering a product or service, or to measure the loading time of the various elements of the page;
    • Keep the information entered in the fields provided for this purpose when the users change page;
    • Allow the users to remain on the same host server for the whole duration of their session;
    • Redirect the users to the site of the language or subsidiary corresponding to the countries from which they appear to be connecting;
    • Handle peak loads;
    • Take the users’ acceptance or refusal into account concerning the analysis of the data collected on the site.

In accordance with the above-mentioned regulation, they are used without requiring your consent. However, you can block and/or delete them using your browser settings. As a result, your user experience and the security of your browsing may be degraded. Similarly, certain pages and functions may be inaccessible (manager, shopping cart, etc.).

(B) Other cookies are necessary to improve the browsing experience. The “Improvement cookies” allow to:

    • Collect and analyse information about the behaviour of visitors to our sites, in order to improve the operation of the latter (e.g. improving the performance or visibility of pages);
    • Provide value-added services intended to enhance your user experience, such as chatbot solutions, live chat or click-to-call;
    • Secure our sites by detecting anomalous activity, for example.

In accordance with the regulations, they are used with your consent. These cookies are not essential to the operation of the site. However, refusal of these cookies may make it difficult or impossible to use the value-added services that improve your user experience.

(C) Other cookies are used to enable you to obtain offers related to your interests. “Advertising and personalisation cookies” are used to provide you with contents and offers tailored to your interests and to improve the relevance of our ads on our partners’ sites. By deactivating these cookies, the contents and offers we provide you will no longer be personalised with respect to your preferences and may therefore be less relevant. In accordance with the regulations, they are also used with your consent.

These cookies are not essential to the operation of the site, but are necessary to provide offers in line with your interests. In particular, they are used to enable you to obtain more tailored content by:

    • Obtaining traffic data on the use of the site visited;
    • Allowing the tracking of a click to the pages of the site concerned;
    • Improving the relevance of digital campaigns;
    • Identifying site visitors from an advertising campaign on a third-party site

(D) Finally, other cookies allow you to share content on social networks and other third-party sites (“Third-Party Cookies”). These cookies allow access and use from our website of software tools and platforms (such as social networks, video streaming solutions…) offered by third parties and thus improve the user-friendliness of the website and help to promote it via the sharing of content to third-party platforms.

In this case, data relating to the visitors to the site, their navigation or their actions in relation to the content with which they interact is accessible by these third-party platforms. These sites insert different social modules and pixels that allow the content of the different platforms providing them to be requested. In this case, the platforms providing these different modules are considered to be data controllers within the meaning of the GDPR when they determine the purposes and means of processing in accordance with their privacy policy. Thus, certain features of the site rely on services offered by these third parties and deposit cookies. The sites providing these third-party cookies, application buttons or extensions can identify you thanks to this button even when it is not used when you consult our site. In accordance with the regulations, they are also used with your consent.

We therefore invite you to consult the privacy policies of these third parties:

3. How to manage the cookies.

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the “GDPR”), the users consent to the processing of their data can be expressed through the use of appropriate settings in a browser or other application.

– Cookie setting platform:

Click on the different category headings in this preference centre to find out more and change our default settings. However, blocking certain types of cookies may affect your experience of the site and the services we can offer you. Your consent will be stored for 13 months and can be accessed upon request to 2POOLSIN1:

By mail: 2POOLSIN1, 105 rue des Mourettes, 26 000 Valence

– Browser settings:

Browsers offer many settings that allow users to express choices about cookies. Regardless of their purpose, you can authorise, block or delete cookies placed on your terminal by setting the options of your browser. For the most common browsers, you will find indications via the following links:

4. Exercise your rights

In accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data, you have the right to access, rectify, oppose, limit and delete your personal data. You may exercise this right at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by letter signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity document to the following address:

By mail : 2POOLSIN1 105 rue des Mourettes, 26 000 Valence