Provençale Drôme House

Origin of the project

Following the creation of a mobile house prototype above a swimming pool in Normandy, the idea was to perfect the concept by creating a model house.

For the location, a plot of land in the Provençale Drôme department was chosen which corresponded to the location of a dwelling house.


Given the particularities of the land, it was decided to construct a mobile house, independent from the main dwelling house, which moved longitudinally above a terrace thus allowing to compensate for the steep slope.

The mobile house was equipped with a small cantilevered roof which allows, subject to the glass doors opening at the front, to create an airtight passageway with the main house.

Technical information

  • Location: Provençale Drôme department
  • Dimensions of the mobile house: 5.30 m x 8.50m
  • Travel distance: 7.00 m
  • Size of the swimming pool: 2.80 m x 5.00 m
  • Coating of the swimming pool: carrelage
  • Complete filtration kit
  • Counter-current swimming system
  • Heat pump for heating the water
  • Dehumidifier with ducts and extraction vents in front of the bay windows for the treatment of humid air and heating of the mobile house
  • Mobile timber house supported by a galvanized metal structure on 4 wheels.
  • 24 V motorization powered by solar panels.
  • Particularity: Movement of the mobile house above a terrace placed on 2 steel tube columns with a significant difference in level.

Budget: approximately 250 000 € including tax