The 21st century swimming pool is born, adapted to your needs

2poolsin1,the new and unique MODULAR swimming pool concept

The 2POOLSIN1 concept comprises a permanent part and a mobile part, each being adapted to your existing or future home.

The swimming pool, embedded in the ground, is one of the permanent elements. It can be equipped with a movable floor if necessary, in order to maintain an optimum amount of space. An independent custom-designed construction constitutes the mobile part. Its movement allows you to cover or uncover the pool as desired.

In summer, quand when the pool is uncovered, lthe pool house becomes an extension of the main house for friends. In winter, it becomes an indoor pool.

Note: The Mobile House concept (a building housing a swimming pool and comprising a mobile part) was patented by Bernd Speck, the founder of 2POOLSIN1 (patent N°2001770).

The 2poolsin1 concept makes it possible to have 2 pools within the same construction: an indoor pool and an outdoor pool. It allows continuous integrated use of the swimming pool, 12 months in the year. The concept is adapted to variations in weather conditions and to all climates. A clever, user-friendly mobility enables one to cover and uncover the pool.

How does it work?

Some technical details for better understanding

The permanent part, the structure which does not move, is constituted by the swimming pool embedded in the ground like a conventional swimming pool, with its movable floor which covers it as needed. The equipment room houses the equipment for water treatment and motorization of the mobile part. The slide ways and paving arrangements are permanent.

It should be noted that this concept can be adapted to existing inground pools by adding the slide ways that will accommodate the mobile part.

The mobile part is a building which is totally independent from both the permanent part and the main house. In summer, when the pool is in the open position, it is a veritable extra room in the house for accommodating friends and family. It moves on slide ways. The pool water is heated by a heat pump. Movement implements a set of safety devices, end-of-travel sensors, presence detectors during movement, rear cameras, etc.

When the pool is in the closed position, the humidity of the volume of the covered part is treated by an integrated dehumidifier. The electrical equipment of the mobile part is powered by solar panels.

Advantages of the concept

The project is modular and can be tailored to the expectations of each client:

  • Choice between longitudinal or transversal movement for the mobile house
  • Aesthetic appearance of the construction adaptable to any style of architecture, and according to the characteristics of the environment (regional, contemporary, mountain habitat, etc.)
  • The dimensions of the swimming pool and the mobile house are
    “made to measure”
  • It is possible to provide toilet facilities and a sauna inside the house
  • It is possible to integrate the concept into the construction of a new house.

Each project is unique

2POOLSIN1 can find the solution adapted to your needs, which takes specific context and environment-related parameters into account. Besides the swimming pool, it is essential that the mobile part integrates into the environment and the existing or future architecture of your home. It is quite possible to proceed in two phases in order to plan for investments over time.


(about 40% of the total budget)



The project can be implemented as part of a renovation or “pool-staging“, meeting the expectations of owners who want to bring their equipment up to date, or who want to modernize the design of their pool area. This is an investment which allows to improve the functionalities, comfort, energy performance or the overall aesthetic quality.

Two variants of the concept by way of example:

Mobile house with longitudinal movement adjoining a dwelling house

This is a variant of the concept which allows the swimming pool to be covered or uncovered by a mobile house that is autonomous and independent from the main dwelling house.

This variant can include an airtight passageway allowing direct access to the main house in order to avoid leaving a heated area in winter and going outside to reach the main house.

Pull-out system – mobile envelope allowing integration of the swimming pool

This is a variant of the concept adapted to sloping ground. It allows one to settle in an exceptional site, to enjoy a beautiful view over the sea or a valley for example.

This model integrates the mobile part of the concept into the structure of the house itself, and allows construction on land that is more limited in size. The mobile part extends above and over the front part of the house like a pull-out system to integrate the swimming pool into the living space in winter.

Two examples of customized creations:

An extension on sloping ground

2POOLSIN1 has developed a mobile house adapted to sloping ground, which has made it possible to settle in an exceptional site.

This extension integrates the mobile part of the concept into the structure of the house itself, making it possible to optimize the surface area of the house.

The mobile part extends above and over the front part of the house like a pull-out system to integrate the swimming pool into the living space in winter.

A mobile spa

This mobile spa rises from the basement by a lifting platform. The benefits are multiple.

The spa is mounted in an open and pleasant environment only during its period of use. When the spa is lowered back down to its storage location, its cover is automatically put in place, which makes it possible to contain the humidity and to maintain its water at a high temperature.

A 21st century concept, in tune with today's world

The 2poolsin1company has chosen the Drôme department as the location for its activities. To comply with the quality and environmental aspects, the concept integrates parameters such as the use of wood, production of energy through heat pumps and solar panels, the integration of architecture into the natural setting.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of household equipment. There is a high demand for healthy, nature-friendly and economically sustainable products.

A swimming pool cannot fail to address these concerns. Even if it still constitutes an element for increasing the value of a property, a swimming pool today reflects the pursuit of a certain lifestyle. Smaller and more ecological, pools and their facilities have become places of well-being and relaxation for the whole family.

The 2poolsin1 concept allows one to add a haven of comfort to the house, a space to decompress and recharge one’s batteries. With climate change, winters are harsh, summers are hot and variable, and the pleasures of bathing and swimming become accessible throughout the entire year.

Today, increased mobility incites people to review their ways of travelling. The 2poolsin1 swimming pool is an alternative to travelling long distances; it is a “world apart” that can be shared with family, with friends, throughout the year.